Wife Was Excited To Feed Her Sick Husband At The Hospital.

I recently had a second heart catheterization to check my heart for blockages (thankfully there were none). Unfortunately this time they needed to go through my femoral artery in my groin and I needed to remain on bedrest for about four hours after the procedure. I had not eaten all day in preparation for the surgery, so when I got out I was famished. The nurse brought me hospital dinner, but I could not sit upright to feed myself.

My lovely wife of ten years, who has been a solid rock for me through this ordeal, was excited at the opportunity to feed me. I’m only 32 years old, so being in this predicament and being unable to feed myself was rather humbling. She happily cut my roast beef and potatoes and fed me a bite at a time. You could just tell that she loved being able to serve me in this way. It was not in any way a burden, or a chore, or a nuisance. She didn’t take advantage of the situation to make a humiliating “here comes the airplane” joke. She just carefully fed me and saw to my needs.

I know in her heart she had felt rather useless because all my fear and anxiety was pent up inside. She loved having some way to show that she was there for me in a weak and frankly scary moment of my life. She is much better than I deserve and I am so crazy in love with her.

Source: Reddit

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