Wife Was Not There With Him When He Saw This.

Story by Bob Perks

I had just returned from a visit to Seven Springs in western Pennsylvania. It’s a wonderful ski resort and convention complex. I spoke once again to the Pa. Credit Union League. Unfortunately my wife could not be with me.

I spent the evening before my session taking in the silence. Quiet is such a precious thing.

While standing on a deck overlooking the chair lifts and beautiful country side, I spotted one lone bird gliding in and out of the trees. It was an incredible sight to see. I have this longing to fly like a bird, but the gutless fear of leaving the ground. I have chosen to reach new heights but with both feet planted.

We were experiencing a cold front coming through so the change in temperature provided some powerful uplifts for this lone bird on a beautiful summer day.

I was reminded that the best time for hot air balloon rides is early morning or late afternoon precisely for the same reason that bird was soaring. My wife gave me a ride on a hot air balloon for my 40th birthday.

As the bird took one last swoop past the tall trees near the top of the mountain, it lead my eye to a few approaching clouds that had taken their places near the setting sun just on the other side of the slopes.

I love sunsets and have been known to pull off the road just to view one. Once at a local mall I ran down the hallway and out the door and stood in awe of one of the greatest works of God’s art. I looked to my left and a young woman was standing next to me. Her face was kissed by the glow of the sun as peachy tones of sun light danced across her eyes. We were perfect strangers connected for a few minutes as shoppers rushed by wondering what we were looking at.

But at Seven Springs I discovered something I had not known before. The approaching clouds on this day were dark like the ones that bring thunder and lightning. I thought this event would amount to nothing. I was wrong. As the sun set, the darkened clouds illuminated and took on the image of puffy pinks and purple plums. For a few minutes the image that seemed to be predicting danger ahead offered a glorious show of beauty and hope.

Here is what I discovered from the bird and the clouds:

1. When the heat is on ride the currents to higher places. Don’t remain on the ground waiting to be consumed by the fire, while complaining about the heat. Spread your wings and fly.

2. The approaching clouds of doom in your life may not be as bad as you think. See them in a new “light” and discover the true value of the message they bring. Dark clouds have a “silver lining” because the other side of the cloud is bright and beautiful. Shed some light on it. Turn it over. See the other side.

There is so much more to the world if you would stop and look closer. Some of the richest treasures are not buried beneath the ground. They are there right in front of you awaiting discovery.

“I believe in YOU!”

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