Wife Wrote About Her Husband’s Effort For Christmas On FB.

Story by Scarlett Longstreet

Those presents under the tree? I picked them out.

I wrapped them. Sometimes at night after everyone was asleep. Sometimes while my husband sat next to me on the basement floor, watching a movie.

The stockings? I’ll stuff them.

The bags for our Christmas travel? I’ll pack them.

The magic? I’ll make it.

You already know I got the teacher gifts, and the class party contributions. I sent out cards with both of our names signed that he doesn’t know exist.

But the number of hours he took the kids so I could get all that done? I lost count.

The wrestling in front of the Christmas tree, while I sit and drink my coffee? He’s got it covered.

The job that makes it all possible? He’s clocking in.

If I need help, he’s there.

So the magic? We make it. Together.

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