Wife’s Reason To Keep A PEN In The Fridge.

Story by Jordan Morgan

Today my husband asked me why there was a pen in the fridge. I, of course, had no idea what he was talking about. So, naturally, I asked him what kind of pen? And he was like, um, the kind you write with. Duh.

If I told you how many times the past couple months that I’ve put the clothes in the dryer and never turned it on, you’d probably tell me to go get my head checked. So a pen in the fridge isn’t too far from the norm around here lately. I guess I just thought the top shelf in the fridge was a good spot for the pen.

Y’all. I am tired. My tired is tired.

I’m tired of worrying. I’m tired of hearing about politics. I’m tired of trying to learn about coronavirus. I’m tired of stifling my anxieties over everything. I’m tired of balancing a million and one things with a smile. I’m tired of keeping the peace. I’m tired of the overwhelming amount of learning I need to do, almost daily, in order to keep up with what all is going on in the world right now.

I want to be informed, but I also kind of want to turn the TV off and shut my blinds and never return to the ‘real’ world. Whatever that is (or will be?). I don’t want to live in fear, but I also don’t want to live in the dark.

I’m trying to find a balance for myself. I’m trying to find a balance for my family and my home. I think that’s what we are all doing right now: just finding a balance.

So, if you’re losing your mind while trying to keep it all together – just know you aren’t alone. I’m over here putting pens in the fridge and doing double the amount of laundry because I keep forgetting to turn the dryer on. 

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