Wife’s Reply When Doctor Suggested To Remove Her Husband’s Life Support.

Matt and Danielle Davis had only known each other for two months before they got married. It was a whirlwind romance. Seven months later, Matt was severely injured in a motorcycle accident. He was put on life support and in a coma, and his doctors recommended to his young wife that she let him go, because there was very little chance he would be coming out of that coma.

But Danielle refused…. she loved her husband very much and wanted him to survive as long as possible.

A short time later, Matt actually DID come out of that coma, and Danielle was there by his side when he did. And the first words out of his mouth were that he was hungry for a buffalo chicken wrap.

A while later, he was able to move and reach with his arms. He was then put in a rehab program, and, in less than three months, he was able to leave there on his own two feet with a walker.

His memory was also banged up pretty bad in the accident. He didn’t remember marrying Danielle or even dating her, for that matter. But he’s enjoyed getting to know her all over again.

Says Matt: “I’m sure glad I married her.”

And now, Matt can even drive a car. Not bad for someone the experts had just given up on. 

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