Will Smith Says ‘I Am Deeply Remorseful’ For Slapping Chris Rock at Oscars

Will Smith has spoken up about hitting Chris Rock at the Oscars for the first time on video, and it is obvious that he is very ashamed and regrets his actions.

Smith apologized and responded to followers’ inquiries on Facebook regarding the incident that startled millions of people.

Will Smith Breaks Silence After Oscars Slap

WILL SMITH BREAKS SILENCE AFTER OSCARS SLAP: In a new video posted to his social media, Will Smith apologized to Chris Rock for slapping the comedian at the #Oscars earlier this year and says he's "deeply remorseful" — #TheView panel reacts. abcn.ws/3zeYKQ9

Posted by The View on Friday, July 29, 2022

Smith claims that he didn’t lash out since Jada Pinkett Smith rolled her eyes at Rock’s joke; rather, he claims that he did it on his own as he thought the joke was rude and offensive. In addition, he made it obvious that there was no positive past between him and Chris Rock.

He didn’t live up to people’s picture and idea of him, Smith claimed, adding that this anguish stemmed mostly from failing his followers and other individuals.

He claims he tried to reach out to Chris however that he wasn’t ready to talk to him; nonetheless, he apologized in the most recent video. The Oscars were the last time the two spoke.

He is a human, and made a mistake, and that he is trying not to think of himself as a piece of s**t, he continued.

Will expressed regret to Chris’ brother Tony Rock, a former close friend, and acknowledged that the harm done is likely “irreparable.”

He continued by expressing regret to many people, including Chris’ mother, for ruining Questlove’s Oscars victory moment.