With Her Baby In A Stroller She Was Stuck In HEAVY RAIN. But Then This Happened.

A small act of kindness can go a long ways, and here’s a story where getting in a car means an awful lot.

As a dark, cold and wet day settled on Winston-Salem, a woman pushed her young child in a stroller. Police Officer Charlie Ziegler noticed that. So he went into “safety” mode. He went up to the woman and told her to get into his car. Then he took her and her child a little further down the road to a daycare center.

A photo of the officer doing this was posted on Facebook and went viral. But he did not think what he did was any big deal.

Says the officer: “You see someone and you just help them.”

Officer Ziegler himself is the father of two young children, and claims he would have helped the woman even if he had been off-duty. His mother-in-law, Donna Johnson, said that’s just the way he is, saying: “He’s just that type of person. Very helpful and outgoing, and he doesn’t want to see anyone in trouble or in need.”

And his wife, Rachel, was actually taken aback at how much attention her husband was receiving for such a deed. Says Rachel: “Last Tuesday I was actually having lunch with him and he told me that someone from the local news had contacted him and it surprised me. You would just expect Anyone to do that…to save someone from the freezing rain.”

And, yes, I suppose we actually SHOULD expect that from anyone. 

We are sure you enjoyed the above story… watch for more: https://youtu.be/0XEbAUq4nwk

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