Woman, 59, Garners ‘Attention’ For Growing Out 12-Inch Nails For 33 Years

Everyone has their own notions about what is attractive. Take, for instance, Cordelia Adams. The 59-year-old Indiana woman has a distinct view of beauty, particularly when it comes to her nails.

Cordelia has nails that are presently 12 inches long. Yes, you read that correctly! She claims to have grown her nails since 1989. And 12 inches isn’t even their longest length. She claims they were 16 inches long at one time. She, on the other hand, wants 12 inches.

Her nails are also not ignored. Her efforts are deliberate. So much so that each nail is individually adorned to the best possible extent. She even has a personal favorite design.

It’s bizarre, but Cordelia, a nail technician and cosmetics artist, like her nails. She claims she began growing them after being influenced by her mother’s long nails.

But, yeah, they do occasionally get in her way.

Cordelia does daily duties with her knuckles, something she is definitely accustomed to. She claims she can simply tuck her fingers to fold her nails toward her arms, so they don’t get in her way all the time.

Of course, this one-of-a-kind woman is well-known owing to TikTok. She shot to TikTok popularity last year when a video of her scrubbing her nails went viral. While many individuals do not have kind things to say about Cordelia, she does not allow the detractors bring her down. She’s an artist in her own way, and her nails appear to be her canvas.

I’ve Been Growing My 12 Inch Nails For 30 Years

I’ve been growing my 12 inch nails for 30 years

Posted by Hooked On The Look on Wednesday, 8 June 2022

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