Woman Ask Is She Wrong For Making A Scene At Her MIL Wedding.

Establishing a good relationship with one’s in laws are great, but not all have this great relationship. One may connect with ones’ mother-in-law and exchange a positive energy. However, many of us may not have the ideal relationship with our mother in law. Scroll down and read the whole story and do you think the wife’s reaction was justified?

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My husband’s mom and I f26 don’t get along at all. It was fine at first til our disagreements started to get bigger. Our last disagreement was because of her wanting to sell the family house and give her older son more money than my husband. MIL told me to stay out of it and my husband said he was fine with it. She ended up putting some distance between us and stop inviting me to events. FINE but I told my husband I expect him to stay home with me when I’m uninvited.

She got married days ago, It goes without saying that I was not invited. I asked my husband to promise to stay home with me and not go. He got defensive and said that this was his mom’s wedding and there was no reason for him not to attend. I refused to speak to him after a big argument about it and he eventually said that he’d stay home with me.

However, on the day of the wedding he said he was going to “hang out with some friends”. I was skeptical so I called his friends and they said they didn’t see him. I knew where he was. I felt betrayed and I wanted to catch him red handed so I got dressed and went to his mom’s wedding. He was actually there. I was fuming when I saw him. He saw me and started following me as I was turning and making my way out. I yelled at him calling him a liar and manipulator. He tried to get me to quiet down since people were staring but I lost it on him and said that he betrayed the promise he made me and that his word meant shit to me. He got defensive saying he really wanted to be there for his mom and at the same time couldn’t handle me being upset with him and giving him silence so he hid it from me. I told him to get out of my face and went home.

He came back looking pissed saying I made a scene at his mom’s wedding and humiliated him when I started yelling at him. I refused to argue but his family came at me calling me horrible and controlling and saying that my husband is a “saint” for still enduring the “shi**y” behavior of mine. I blocked his sister who was constantly arguing saying my husband has free will and should be able to decide where to go and be without my consent this made him get more pissed.

We haven’t talked since then. What are your opinions? Did I over react?

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