Woman asks if she’s wrong to not invite adoptive parents to wedding.

Being adopted may be difficult, particularly if your adoptive and biological parents are at odds. In this story the bride-to-be decides she doesn’t want her adoptive parents to lead her down the aisle and rather than wants her biological father to do so. Read the story and what are your views on this.

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I (30F) am getting married to my fiance in May.

I was adopted when I was a baby and my adoptive parents (50s) did their best to raise me and support me through college. We always had a good relationship and I obviously love them.

When I was 23 I decided to search for my biological parents, and long story short they were teenagers(14) when they had me . They are still together and they have 2 more children. They said they wanted to keep me but they couldn’t raise me so they decided to put me up for adoption. The thing that really hurt me was that in my childhood and teenage years they tried to contact my adoptive parents and have a relationship with me, but my adoptive parents refused.

When I confronted my adoptive parents they said that they were afraid that I might prefer my biological parents, so they tried to keep them away.

I was hurt and disappointed and decided to go low contact. Over the years we managed to build a better relationship but it’s not like before.

So ,for my wedding I decided to ask my biological father to walk me down the aisle and he obviously said yes. When my adoptive parents learnt it they were hurt and said that their worst fear had come to reality and if I insist on putting my biological parents before them then I shouldn’t invite them to the wedding.

My answer was that they were not invited then. Since then all my adoptive family are calling me an a**h**e. So Am I ?

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