Woman Asks People Online If She’d Be A Jerk To Not Allow Previous Homeowners To Visit Her Home As They Are Complete Strangers To Her.

It’s strange to pass by the house, or even simply the neighborhood, where you used to reside. And the longer it has been, the weirder and more sentimental it seems to return to the location. One woman recently had a similar incident and was asking if it was a hoax she was unaware of and what she should do.

Source: Mumsnet

Previous occupant of my house

I have just returned home and found a note from someone who says they used to live in my house. They are asking if I would allow them to show the house to their daughter who was born here. They are staying nearby for the next few days. They have given the years when they say they lived here which mean nothing to me.

I know how long the previous couple owned the house but not whether they lived here the whole time or rented the property out. My initial reaction was to ignore the note as I thought it was probably a scam of some sort. I then thought even if they are genuine and staying locally, I don’t want them in my house. There was a mobile number at the top of the note which I tried ringing to say nope not convenient, but the phone is turned off with no facility to leave a message.

I know I  Am Not Being Unreasonable to not want random people wandering around my house but is this a scam I haven’t come across before now? I don’t want to spend the next few days on tenterhooks every time someone knocks at the door and is nervous about opening it.

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