Woman asks if she’s wrong to keep baby against wishes of the father, her married boss.

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I (F35) [a 35-year-old woman] have been told my entire life by doctors I would never be able to have kids. So imagine my surprise when I have a one night stand with my boss (M50) [a 50-year-old male] and I get pregnant. I found out I was pregnant a month ago. 

We had our one night stand in the first week of October. I was overjoyed and finally felt complete. I am currently about 20 weeks and my boss found out yesterday when he came back from a sabbatical he took for 2 months. He’s MAD. He tells me I have to get rid of it. 

I then found out he had a wife and a whole entire family which I NEVER knew about. (btw i work at a private law firm and he owns it with his brother) He says he can’t have a child with me and even after I explained to him my fertility issues he said I have to get rid of it. In our area I could technically get an abortion right now. 

I told him i’m not getting rid of it and he’s saying I ruined his life. We used a condom, he’s the only man i’ve slept with in the past 5 years. All my exes have left me because I cannot get pregnant so to me this is a miracle. In our area he would be required to pay child support, no matter what. I want this baby and I think I’m gonna keep it. He’s saying i’m ruining his life.

I even recently found out it was a baby girl. My sister is on my side but her husband spent the better part of yesterday reminding me of forcing him to have a child. My boss is saying I’m gonna ruin his family and his kids’ lives. So, Am I a Jerk for keeping my baby?

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