Woman Backed For Not Answering When Husband Called To Speak To Kids Before Bed.

Everyone knows you shouldn’t wake a sleeping kid. It is essential for children to get enough sleep, and disrupting their routine makes them grumpy. Read the story to know what happens between this couple when the husband calls late to talk to his kids and do you think the wife has taken the correct decision?

Source: Reddit

I have a 2 year old and a 4 year old so keeping them on a good sleep schedule is pretty important.

Whenever my husband is away, he’ll facetime with the kids for a little while. We agreed before he left that he would call at 6:30pm my time as their bedtime is around 8pm. He called late from the start but he was always apologetic and said his meeting overran so I let it go at first. After the fourth time I told him I wouldn’t answer if he called later than 7:30pm as it was ruining their sleep schedule and he was calling later and later every day.

I never answered when he called to speak to the kids for 3 days because he called after 7:30pm and now he’s angry at me even though I suggested he call earlier if that worked better for him as it didn’t.

I need some advice on if I’m wrong ?

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