Woman Balks After Boyfriend Refuses To Let Her Sleep In The Bed He Shares With Male Roommate.

Finding a living setting that makes all happy is the key to maintaining a healthy relationship with one’s roommate. In this story a man devised a plan for his roommate’s girlfriend to move in with them, which appeared to delight all parties involved. However, when his own girlfriend recently paid him a visit, their arrangement proved to be considerably more difficult. Read the story and let us know what he should do.

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I (22M) share an apartment with my best friend, Mike (22M), and Mike’s girlfriend, Daisy (23F). We only have two bedrooms. Daisy is a heavier lady (she prefers the term “big boned”). She also has sleep apnea. For these reasons, Daisy has her own bedroom. Mike and I share the other bedroom.

I have been dating my girlfriend, Shandy (25F), for four months now. She was over at our place watching a movie with us last night and decided to spend the night. Shandy knows about our sleeping arrangements and doesn’t have a problem with it, but she assumed that she’d sleep in my bed with me when she stayed over.

I don’t blame her for assuming this because this is the first time she’s spent the night, but there’s only space for one double bed in me and Mike’s bedroom and he and I share it together. Mike has a bad back and is too tall to sleep on the couch in our living room, and it would be rude of me to ask him to give up his part of the bed for my guest. I’d sleep on the couch and let Shandy take my part of the bed, but I didn’t think Mike would be comfortable with that, so I didn’t offer to.

I told Shandy that she could sleep on the couch and I’d bring her a pillow and blankets. She asked if she could just sleep with me, and I explained to her why she couldn’t. Shandy seemed fine with this, and we all went to bed normally. However, she left quickly this morning, and, when I called and asked if everything was alright, she said she was a little disappointed we couldn’t sleep together and was upset that I “chose Mike” over her.

This made me feel bad because my intention was never to upset her, so I’m wondering if I’m the Jerk for not finding a way to allow Shandy to sleep with me?

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