Woman Borrows Husband Laptop Without Permission Since She Bought It For Him.

Nobody ever claimed that marriage is easy. Every couple has their arguments, disagreements but in the end works to mend on the issue and sail smoothly. In this story too a husband was upset with his wife borrowing his laptop as it caused him inconvenience during work. Read the whole story to know what happened and share your views on this.

Source: Reddit

Yesterday, I had issues logging in to my facebook account on my computer and went to borrow my husband’s laptop to see if I could log in from there. The laptop was in his bag and he left for work shortly after.

Later I got an angry call from him asking where his laptop was. I said I borrowed it to check my facebook login but he ranted about how I caused him grief at work by taking it without even asking. I reminded him of who bought this laptop to begin with but he said it was supposed to be a gift from me. True, I felt sorry for him and wanted to get him a proper laptop for work but is it a bad thing?. He said still, I shouldn”t have taken it and that facebook log in issue was not an emergency.

He came home looking upset and avoided me. I thought he overreacted to this but he snapped and said it caused him sh*t at work. Am I Wrong ?

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