Woman Builds Trust With The Stray Cat To Meet Someone Special.

It’s hard to keep up with what cat’s are doing but if they gain your trust you’re halfway home. And sometimes you just got to give that cat a little space.

Mama the cat has the perfect life now. But it sure wasn’t always that way. She used to visit the same house in New York everyday as a stray cat. That house belonged to Vanessa, who actually takes care of cats that roam to her house.

Says Vanessa: “I always joke that there’s a kitty billboard out there that brings these cats to me.”

But Vanessa gave to these stray cats what others would not. When Mama first started coming there, she would back away every time Vanessa tried to approach her. But after a while, the frightened cat started trusting the woman who would put out food for her every night.

Soon after, Vanessa noticed that the cat was pregnant, and she was concerned about those unborn kittens, fearing they would have trouble dealing with things in this world.

And then, all of a sudden, Mama stopped showing up for her regular meals. After a while, she returned, but she was no longer pregnant. Vanessa had no idea where those kittens were being kept. But the one big thing about Mama was that she was sure hungry.

Says Vanessa: “She was eating up a storm — she had a whole can of wet food at noon and then came yelling for more.”

The woman was worried about those kittens, wondering where they were. Mama seemed to wait until Vanessa wasn’t looking and then she vanished. So Vanessa began giving her three meals a day, to earn more of her trust. And after about a week, it started working.

Mama let Vanessa pet her for the first time. Then, Mama allowed Vanessa to follow her to where she had her kittens.

Vanessa found 4 of them, and they each had very different looks. One was a ginger, one a tux, one a tortie and one a gray tabby.

After that, Mama moved her babies around but Vanessa eventually discovered where they were being kept. She scooped them up and put them in a cage in her stepdaughter’s room, along with Mama.

Now, Vanessa felt they were all safe. Vanessa gives updates on all of them on her Instagram page with the Meow My Diaries. They’re definitely worth checking in on.

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