Woman Can’t Thank Enough The Horse Who Saved Her Life.

Horses are incredible animals. And they can certainly do some amazing things for their owners, and here are 10 stories of hero horses.

1. Kimberly Stargatt had been in many horse shows with her faithful companion Pheobe. And through 14 years, Pheobe had never missed a jump.

But one day, things were very different. As Kimberly and Pheobe were approaching a 3-foot high wall, Phoebe stopped suddenly and Kimberly was launched off in front of her. The momentum then carried Phoebe over and she was just about to crush Kimberly with her enormous weight when something REALLY strange happened.

Phoebe landed a hoof on Kimberly’s chest but in that instant, the horse defied gravity and pulled completely backwards and away from Kimberly. Everyone who viewed it was amazed at the sight. Pheobe had saved Kimberly from being crushed to death. And Kimberly knows they will continue to be together for a long time.

2. A woman in her 50s was riding her horse when an aggressive dog attacked her and pulled her off the horse. As the dog attempted to really hurt the woman, her horse attacked the dog, and chased it away.

The woman suffered a leg injury and her horse had some gashes in its neck. Both were treated for the injuries.

3. In Ireland, a young boy named Fennec was non-verbal, and he was hitting himself as well as his mom. Then, his mom put him on a horse during a therapy session.

After just a few sessions, little Fennec’s behavior was much better and he is actually communicating with the horses verbally. Now, says his mom, he’s much more tranquil.

4. Reckless was not your ordinary horse. She loved beer, and she loved the Marines who were buddies in the Korean War that took care of her. She used to haul heavy guns for the Recoilless Rifle Platoon of the 5th Marines. She stood by patiently as the blasts from heavy artillery went off and she would carry wounded Marines to safety. She was wounded several times in battle but would never slow down.

And later, her buddies would mend her the best they could as they prepared for another day. And on April 10th, of 1954, Reckless was promoted to sergeant, an honor never before… or since… bestowed on any animal. Reckless managed to survive the war, and live several more years before dying on May 13th, 1968.

A statue of Reckless now stands at the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Quantico, Virginia.

5. Metro Meteor, a former race horse, was struggling with health problems. And they were getting worse. So, after watching how Metro liked to dip his head to pick up things, his owner, Ron Krajewski, tried an experiment.

He wanted to see if Metro could pick up a paint brush and actually paint with it. He tried holding treats to the canvas while Metro had a brush in his mouth. And it worked! Metro started to make strokes on the canvas and he seemed to enjoy it.

In time, buyers were actually lining up to buy Metro’s paintings. But what’s even more important, is that a full check-up indicated that Metro’s health was greatly improving because of doing those paintings.

6. In Queenland, Australia, a couple – Anthony and Gerda Glasson — was checking on their horses when they realized something very unique.

On of their horse, Moonshine, who had never raised a foal of her own, had adopted an orphaned calf that was less than a week old. No milk was coming from Moonshine, who had had a foal a decade before but it had died.

So the couple started bottle-feeding the calf. But you better believe, Moonshine was always there to supervise it.

7. Diesel is a therapy animal. But he’s not your regular run-of-the-mill therapy animal. He’s a horse, but he’s not a regular one of those either. Diesel is a miniature horse. And he surprises many hospital patients who are more used to seeing therapy dogs.

He loves to be petted and loves to snuggle with the patients who are glad to see him. Everyone seems to quickly bond with little Diesel.

8. Erin Bolster, a ranch wrangler in Western Montana, and her horse, Tonk, did something very amazing… and heroic. When they were out on a ride one day with a group of youngsters on their horses, Tonk suddenly froze. A few seconds later, a 750-pound grizzly bear appeared. And all the horses except Tonk and another one, named Scout, took off back to where they came from. Then Scout, with a little boy riding him, took off ahead.

The bear quickly noticed that and started chasing Scout. But Erin quickly ran Tonk toward them and they cut off the bear from reaching Scout and the little boy. But the little boy was starting to fall off of his horse. Then Erin kicked Tonk and made him run directly toward the bear, with a lot of praying going on.

When they came to within 10 feet apart, the bear stood up, matching eye levels with Erin on her horse. The bear then spun off to the left and started to circle around to where the boy, who had now fallen off Scout, was.

Erin and Tonk then charged at the bear again. When they closed in on him, the bear turned and ran away for good. For their tremendous courage, both Erin and Tonk were invited to the David Letterman Show to tell their story.

9. Hercules lives and works at the University of Minnesota, and as his name implies, he’s quite the hero himself. Hercules donates his blood to help other horses that are sick or in need of surgery.

16-year-old Hercules donates up to 2 gallons of blood at a time to help others in need. So far, the Belgian draft horse has made donations to more than 80 other horses. He’s definitely a hero.

10. 16-year-old Beatrice, a shire horse, was found collapsed in her stable after suffering from colic. The couple who owned her, Donald and Jane MacIntyre tried desperately to get her up, knowing that her organs could go into complete failure if she did not get to her feet. And her blood pressure was getting extremely high. Sadly, the couple had to make a deadline. Beatrice would have to get up, or they would have to put her down.

With 20 minutes to go before that deadline came, Beatrice’s companion, Beau, was let out of his stable and into the yards, but Beau circled back around and got into the stable near Beatrice and started biting at her neck. Incredibly, Beatrice then rolled over on her other side and jumped to her feet. Beau knew exactly what to do, and Beatrice has since made a full recovery. 

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