Woman Chooses To Die On The Hill Of Not Allowing Her Husband’s Infertile Friend To Give Her Child A Name He Likes.

Important decisions must be made even before the baby is delivered. The mother must make a concerted attempt to live a healthy lifestyle and not let stress get the best of her. The parents normally choose a name for the baby while it is still developing in the womb. The name will be a part of the child’s identity and will most likely be with them for the rest of their lives, so it’s an important consideration. That’s why a parent in this story is hesitant to accept a baby name suggestion from her husband’s pal. Not just because she disliked the name, but also because of how he acted and was nearly possessive of the unborn kid. Scroll and to read the whole story and what you think of this situation do let us know.

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My husband (m33)s best friend (m37) Will is infertile. He got divorced 2 times because of it and because he lied and hid his infertility. And his life hasn’t been the same the day he was told he can’t have kids. He has always had a soft spot for children and when he found out that my husband and I are expecting, he was so thrilled and started buying us gifts and decor pieces that he made from his woodwork for the baby. My husband thinks that those are all nice gestures but I couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable especially with how much he keeps mentioning the baby.

A few days ago, my husband and I found the gender of the baby. The minute we told Will, he started calling the baby a random name he picked and was going to give to his baby if he wasn’t infertile. He then started begging us to use this name and my husband said it was a “done deal”.

I refused but my husband called me heartless and asked me to do this one small, nice gesture for his struggling friend to give him closure and honor him after all the things he has done for us. I flipped and said it’s my baby not his.

Will heard this and left immediately. My husband yelled at me saying it’s his baby too and my behavior towards Will was abhorrent. He left after him and didn’t come back til the morning. He kept saying the same thing and pressuring me to agree on the name but I refused. Am I Wrong for choosing this hill to die on?

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