Woman Continues To Enjoy Her Ice Cream In Peace As Entitled Mother Yells Profanities At Her For Not Sharing The Treat With Crying Toddler.

Nothing beats a cone of your favorite ice cream after a long and difficult day—that is, until a kid spots it. In this story the child’s mother abruptly chastised one lady for not surrendering her ice cream to a demanding kid. Read the whole story and what would you have done in this situation?

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I (25F) had to travel to a city 6 hours away for college related work. The trip was pretty tight. I had to leave on Thursday night by train and reached the city on Friday early morning, was engaged in work till the evening and then took a train to get back home on friday night itself. When I got into the train at about 10 PM, I still hadn’t had dinner. I was exhausted. I happened to share my cabin in the train with a middle aged woman and her toddler.

There were around 30 mins left for the train to start so I went out of the train, quickly got some snacks and ice-cream and got back to the cabin. I decided to have the ice-cream first because I didn’t want it to melt. The toddler saw it and started asking for it. I just looked at the mom and she goes “give it to my son and buy yourself a new one”. I was taken aback because she wasn’t even requesting, she was demanding. I was wayyy too exhausted to take any crap from anyone (old or young). I continued having the ice cream and told the woman “the shop is right there and they have all flavours”. The toddler started crying loudly and I plugged in headphones. The mom started yelling at me and said things like “you’re a brat”, “you’re heartless for doing this to a child”, “you’re trying to make me miss the train” and other things I couldn’t hear because I put the music in full volume. I did not feel guilty about finishing the ice-cream in front of a crying toddler because I was really pissed at the moment. NGL, I felt bad for the kid sometime later and thought of offering him some chips but I didn’t want to engage in any form of conversation with the mom. The remainder of the journey was in utter silence.

I told my boyfriend about this after I came back home and he thinks it’s hilarious but my mom was not happy about this. She was more shocked than angry because I have always been great with kids and she couldn’t believe that I would do that to a kid even if the mom was annoying. My mom guilt tripped me so much that my “hangry” state got the best of me.

I need some advice on if I’m wrong?

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