Woman Deals Perfectly With Her Abusive Ex-Husband.

Source: Reddit

This was nearly ten years ago, yet I still look back and chuckle. I was working three jobs and going to school at night, and he was working part time for one. While I had cancer, he lost 100 pounds with extreme dieting (eating less than 500 calories a day) because he said that he was sick of me getting all the attention.

We were divorced near the end of January, which meant we were married for all of the prior year. We filed for a cheap divorce since we didn’t have any shared money, things, or children, so nothing was stated on how to file our taxes.

In March, he called and said that his tax guy had figured out that if he filed his taxes as single then he owed over $2000 and if I filed my taxes single then I was paid $400, however if we filed jointly then we’d be paid $450. He offered that if we did so, then he would pay the tax guy for his services and keep the $50 “profit.” At this point, my dad did my taxes for me for free so there was absolutely nothing in it for me.

I just said no and filed separately that afternoon.

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