Woman Doesn’t Want To Go Back To Normal Life After This Lockdown End For This Reason.

Source: Reddit

I don’t want to go back to my job, to social events I have to make excuses to get out of, to crowded supermarkets where people are practically breathing down my neck. I don’t want to open my window to the sounds of big crowds of friends sitting in the park and feeling like a total loser because I have no one. I don’t want to get back on busy buses and trains and commute to work at 6am every morning, waking up and feeling like a zombie, worrying about everything from if I look fat to do I smell?

Since quarantine I’ve had a chance to breathe. I wake up, I do work from home and I feel relaxed about it. I get more done. I have way less physical aches and pains, my hair is somehow feeling thicker and my skin actually looks alive.

But now things are slowly starting to ease and go back (jobs, shops opening etc) I am feeling so much dread from my life before this.

Now, I want to say 2 things: I don’t wish for covid19, I don’t wish for anyone to catch this virus and I don’t wish for anyone to die from it. Of course. It’s not the virus I will miss, it’s the time and peace I have found in quarantine.

I also don’t hate my job and I like it enough to commute. And even if I found a closer and less stressful job, I’d still feel mentally exhausted all the time because that’s part of dealing with depression most of my life.

I wonder if there is anyone out there feeling the same?

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