Woman Dumbest Reason For Not Giving Food To Her Hungry Niece.

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I woke up at 5am craving pancakes while on vacation with my in-laws, so I decided to quickly make myself and my son some since we were the only ones awake besides my husband who doesn’t eat pancakes. My sister-in-law’s daughter came downstairs just as my son was finishing up and started crying because there were no more pancakes for her.

I did try to comfort her but I had really bad morning sickness after I ate and I was starting to feel sick so I had to take her to her parents who were still sleeping.

Long story short, my sister-in-law was upset I only made pancakes for myself and my son when there were others in the house who also needed to eat breakfast. She said I was selfish and I should’ve known my niece would’ve wanted some too so I could’ve made extra just in case.

Am I A Jerk ?

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