Woman Facebook Rant Regarding The Rules During Halloween Is Worth Reading.

Source: Facebook

I’m going to do it!

I’m going to be the house that hands out the big candy bars at Halloween this year.


Because it’s JOYFUL!

And I am so sick of hearing about the Halloween haters.

So far this week, we have reported on:

*A city that has made it a CRIME for kids over the age of 14 to trick or treat.

– 15? 16? 17? Come to my house, you get a candy bar.

I know a lot of full grown adults who deserve a candy bar, too!

*A family who “ranted” that kids from other neighborhoods were coming to their house for their “good” candy.

-Not from around here? Come to my house! You get a candy bar!

*People refusing to give Halloween candy until a child audibly says, “trick or treat”!

-Is your kid nonverbal? Shy? Not in the mood to talk to a total stranger? They get a candy bar without having to say a word!

Does your child have a dairy allergy? No problem, I got some skittles.

This is supposed to be about FUN!

If you don’t like the holiday, or can’t afford to hand out candy, or just don’t want to talk to a bunch of strangers all night? That’s totally fine, too!

Just turn your light off as the universal symbol of, “Move along, kids. No candy here”

I get that there are always people who smash pumpkins, and throw eggs, and ruin an otherwise good time.

But they’re the exception, not the rule.

Let’s stop making kids feel bad for wanting to dress up like their heroes one night a year.

If they come to your door, just give them the candy bar!

*I say all of this with love, but if you ring my doorbell at midnight and wake my kid up, you’re getting a toothbrush 🤣🤣🤣