Woman Feels Invisible Before Daughter’s Wedding. Gets Makeover That Leaves Her Unrecognizable.

We all go through periods in life where we just don’t feel we matter… that our looks are so drab that we just don’t want to go out of the house. Bev was going through one of those periods, and it was not good that her daughter’s wedding was coming up fast.


So Bev decided she had to do something about it. In order for her to feel comfortable at the wedding, she was going to have to change something, like herself. She reached out to Christopher Hopkins, who was known as the Makeover Guy. While in Christopher’s chair preparing for the big change, she told him that she had felt invisible for years, and she so yearned to feel alive again.

Well, that was all it took for Christopher to do his makeover magic. He wanted to make sure that Bev got her wish. And he knew that with the right new look, anyone’s self-esteem could be lifted and their outlook on life could be a lot better.


So Christopher waved his magic wand (ok… it was actually a pair of scissors doing some snipping, some coloring and a few other things) and POOF! Bev was transformed. When she viewed herself for the first time after the makeover, she broke down and cried tears of joy. It was exactly what she needed to feel alive again and, more importantly, feel visible once again.

Watch Bev’s stunning makeover for yourself in the video below! Hopefully this gives Bev what she needs to truly spread her wings and be herself once again.


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