Woman Finally Learns She Is Not The Only Child Of Her Mother.

Christina Housel spent her entire life wondering. She was wondering if she had any other family members out there. At a very young age, she was adopted, and she knew virtually nothing about her biological family. But she certainly wanted to find out. What about her real mom; her real dad? What about any brothers or sisters? She just felt the need to know.

But as much as she wanted to know, life took over, and she put it further down on her list of priorities. It really wasn’t until she had gotten married and had a couple of children of her own that the desire to know got much stronger. It took awhile, but she finally learned that she was not an only child. She had a brother, and his name was Lyle’s.

The two lived about a thousand miles apart, but Christina was set on meeting him. So she flew from Washington state to do just that. Lyles met her at the airport in Arizona, and he knew it was her the second he saw her. There definitely was a striking resemblance shared by the two. But Lyles felt they had an even deeper connection.

During the day, after getting some of the small talk out of the way, the conversation turned to their birth mother. Christina wanted to know if Lyles knew her. He told Christina that yes, he did, but she had passed away while he was still a child.

But he also told Christina that their mother had had two other children – twin sisters, but he did not know who they were nor where they lived. He did, however, know that they were born in Florida in April or May of 1992, 1993 or 1994.

Both Christina and Lyles then went on a mission to find them. And they started with Facebook, posting photos of them holding signs saying they were looking for their sisters. The photos were shared by thousands who wanted to help.

And, eventually, those photos found their way to one of the twins. It was Lauren, and she quickly contacted her twin, Ashley. Both of the twins could see the resemblance in all of them. They then got a hold of Christina and Lyles and in no time at all they were on a plane headed to Arizona to meet them.

It had been 30 years now, and now they were all together again. They discovered there were extra connections between them. Christina and Lyles had both served in the military, and Ashley’s husband was now serving in the Air Force. They were now one happy bunch, and agreed to meet often from here on out at each other’s home, meeting all the families. 

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