Woman Gets Disowned By Parents For Refusing To Fund Younger Sister’s Lavish Lifestyle.

Our family is available to help us when we need it, but we can’t expect them to significantly adjust their lifestyles only to accommodate what we want all of the time. We must accept responsibility for how we conduct our lives at some point, and we must make adjustments if we are continuously fatigued and stressed out. However, life is rarely as simple as that. Read this story and let us know if you agree with this sister’s request to her younger sister.

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On today’s episode of having Asian parents, specifically Vietnamese parents. 

I got disowned by my parents just now, because I refuse to fund my sister’s lavish lifestyle when she’s here in the US as an international student. They sent her here three years ago knowing that they don’t have the means to pay for it themselves. 

So the responsibility for her tuition, her room and board, her living expenses has been on me as the eldest sister in the family. And she has been completely ungrateful and completely irresponsible with the money. 

I had to pay for her debt that she owned to her friends because she spent it on shopping, on Uber Eats, on just bars and clubs. And I’m just so done with it. I put my foot down today because she used my card to spend $500 on some shopping expenses. 

I told them that I’m done and if they want her to remain in the US, they had to figure it out themselves. And I was called stingy. I was called ungrateful and that I got to where I am because of my family and it is my time to pay it back. 

It is my responsibility to care for my parents and my siblings. So I am their retirement fund, and the college fund for my younger siblings. 

And I feel trapped. I feel trapped and betrayed by my own culture and my own family because there are those expectations that you have to care for them. 

And I would love to. I love my parents, but there are no boundaries because I am just a wallet now. I am just solely a wallet now. 

What would you do in her situation? Any advice

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