Woman Gets Immediate Help From Cop When Her Car Being Impounded.

Single mother Ebony Rhodes of Atlanta was having a bad day. And it sure didn’t help when she was pulled over by police for a routine traffic stop. She knew she was in trouble because her license had expired. On top of that, she didn’t any insurance. Not a good situation to be in with a police officer coming up to your car window.

That police officer who wound up at Ebony’s window was deputy police chief Jeff Glazier. He had stopped her on the expired license and he had to do his job and call for her car to be impounded and Ebony was taken to the police station.

But Glazier received a call from other officers after they searched Ebony’s car when it was impounded. They told him it was obvious Ebony and her children were living in their car. They were homeless.

Ebony had been working at Walmart but it wasn’t enough to keep a place to live. So Glazier called his wife and they decided to do something. They quickly got Ebony and her children into some temporary housing. He then found them a permanent apartment and became a good friend to Ebony and her children, and he’s certain they will never be homeless again. 

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