Woman Gives Birth To Healthy Baby Girl On The Flight.

“Had the most ‘NORMAL’ flight ever with Cebu Pacific Air. A woman near our seat gave birth to a healthy baby girl, on our flight from Dubai back to PH. We had to do an emergency landing in India to ensure the baby’s safety. All flight attendants, pilots, and passengers were very attentive too. Very lucky baby.. since she was born in a Cebu Pac plane, she is awarded 1,000,000 Get Go Points from the airline (STILL pretty much the equivalent of free flights for a lifetime, I mean she could be living in the plane if she wished).

Facebook/Missy Berberabe Umandal

Congratulations to the first-time Mom and Grandma! This is something you don’t get to see everyday. It only happens in movies, and we’re lucky to witness this miracle.” ❤️✈️

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