Woman Goes to Check on Elderly Friend during Kentucky Flood, Dies after Being Caught in a Current

One woman’s generosity and compassion knew no bounds, and she constantly placed others ahead of herself. She didn’t think twice about her safety when she went to check on her elderly neighbor—it cost her everything.

Would you put your life in danger for someone else? Many individuals would sacrifice their comfort and security for the sake of their family, yet very few would do it for somebody they didn’t know well.

In a world full of bad news, the tale of one selfless woman will encourage you to care for others around you. Reading about her heartbreakingly noble act will surely bring tears in your eyes.

Eva Nicole “Nikki” Slone of Kentucky would win the title for the best neighbor. The 50-year-old woman did not go through life using blinkers. Rather, she made a difference by spreading love and caring wherever she went.

Slone’s unmistakably lovely heart was attested to many friends, relatives, and others she didn’t know well. She was there when things went rough and stayed a rock in the lives of many individuals.

Slone’s biggest delight was her family, which included 3 children and several grandchildren. Her family recalled her as a woman who loved to laugh and loved trying her luck at slot machines and bingo nights on occasion.

Her daily existence, however, was flipped upside down in July 2022. The weather prediction in her region of Pippa Passes, Knott County, was bleak, and she realized she would be in danger as the rains continued to fall.

Posted by Nikki Slone on Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Slone was not like most individuals who would have packed their belongings, gotten in their car, and traveled to safety. Her first thought was never on herself; instead, she was always worried about the individuals around her.

Slone was concerned for her elderly neighbor, and as floodwaters surged through their area, Slone did something brave—her acts demonstrated her undeniable dependability and selflessness. Misty Franklin, her daughter, revealed that her mother was a loving woman. She was devoted to her family and had the largest heart.

Slone would not have been faulted if she had simply thought about herself. Her daughter, on the other hand, detailed what transpired on that tragic day.

Her mother went out that night to check on an old lady to see if she was okay since she didn’t have any family.  Her mother was continually checking on her and bringing her meals.

Slone failed to respond to texts, to everybody’s surprise, and the family immediately suspected something was wrong. They were conscious of the powerful floods and were fearful for their safety.

Slone was finally apprehended near her house. She had tragically died while attempting to check on her companion. Franklin stated that she truly believed she got out of the car to attempt to go home, but she had Addison’s Disease, and when she is agitated, her body attempts to shut down and she has seizures.

Her daughter assumed she was probably attempting to fight back a seizure when she stepped out of the car, however the current was too powerful, the daughter continued. Franklin was upset, but she was also quite proud of her mother, who had set a good example for her.

Posted by Nikki Slone on Sunday, 17 February 2019

Slone’s wonderful personality shone through in messages of love and loss. Friends and relatives remembered her unmistakable compassion and love, and expressed how much she would be missed:

“She’s going to be sorely missed. She was a remarkable individual. For as long as I can remember, she and her family have been a part of my family.” August 1, 2022 – (Donovan Melton)

“I adored my mother-in-law to the moon and back. I’m not sure what I’ll do without her. She was only a phone call away. She was always there when I needed her the most.” – (Christin Gibson) 30 July 2022

“She was one of the nicest persons I’d ever met. I consider myself fortunate to have her as a relative. So sad.” – (Zach Isaac) July 31, 2022

Lost one of my dear friends July 28th please pray for her family. You will be dearly missed Nikki Slone Rest In Peace my friend love you

Posted by Mary Elizabeth Cook Slone on Wednesday, 3 August 2022

It is never easy to lose a loved one, and mending can take a long time. Slone’s death impacted many individuals and inspired them to respect their friends and family members.

Slone’s loved ones will treasure their memories of her and regard her as a hero for the rest of their lives. Franklin stated that if you had her as a buddy, you’d always have someone on your side when things went rough.

Our hearts go out to Slone’s family and friends in the aftermath of her untimely death.

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