Woman Lost Her Newborn Is Forced By Her Mother To Have A Quick Funeral.

There is no more traumatic occurrence for a parent than the death of a kid. The anguish and sadness are unimaginable, leaving families devastated, in shock, and unable to absorb all of the emotions that accompany such a devastating tragedy. Read this story and let us know whether the mom was right in snapping her mom about her daughter’s funeral process.

Source: Reddit

My daughter died 8 weeks ago from SIDS. She was 6 days old and as you can imagine, it devastated the entire family. I’ve been planning her funeral but even for a baby, it’s quite expensive.

My mother has been hounding me about “getting it over and done with” because in her culture, people’s funerals happen a few days after their death. I’ve been saving for the past few weeks to give my baby the funeral she deserves and particularly for the urn I would like.

I finally snapped at her yesterday, and said since she’s so concerned about speeding up the process, then she can pay for it.

This got her all upset, since she was trying to honor her culture. My dad thinks I was a bit of an a%^ for snapping at her, but mostly for suggesting she pay.  So, I’m in the middle of a shitstorm and need some advice on if I’m wrong.

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