Woman In Tears When Read A Note From The Man She Helped At The Grocery Store.

25-year-old Sonya MacMillan was having her groceries checked out at a store in Nashua, New Hampshire when she spotted an elderly man behind her looking for his wallet. He was getting very flustered when Sonya told him to go ahead and put his groceries in with hers and she’d pay for it. After all, she told him… it’s not all that much.

He did as she said, but he asked that she give him her name and address so he could send the money she spent on him back to her. Sonya told him he did not have to worry about it at all, but… he insisted. And she gave him that information.

So a short time later, she received a letter in the mail from the grateful man. It read: “You saved me a lot of trouble. My wife was ill and I wanted to get back to her. I’m not very young anymore… 84-years-old… and it’s not a surprise I left my wallet at home. I shall always remember your kindness.”

And inside the letter of gratitude was a check for the amount Sonya had spent on his groceries. But she doesn’t plan on cashing it. It means more to her just to have.

Says Sonya: “I have something that I look at every morning when I leave my room. It says ‘be the reason that someone smiles today’ so I see that when I leave my house. That was what I could do to make him smile that day.” 

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