Woman Is Fed Up With Her Brother Living With Her For Free And Kicks Him Out, Gets Scolded By Her Aunt So She Drops Him Off At Her House.

It’s wonderful if you have a deep and meaningful relationship with your parents and siblings, but what if you don’t agree with them? In this story a little sister decided to help her brother till he get’s on his feet. However, after few months she takes a decision which makes her family go mad at her. Read the story and let us know if you agree with her decision. 

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My older brother (OB) is… a bit of a bum. It’s mean to say but it’s true. He can never hang onto a job for longer than a couple years max and when he inevitably loses whatever job he had he starts mooching off family and friends until he can find another job months later. This entails him freeloading at their place, eating their food, using their stuff, etc. He’s lost friends because of how long he bummed off of them and I don’t blame them for cutting him off.

Well this last time he lost his job he went to our parents but they didn’t have room because they were letting our eldest brother’s (EB) family stay with them after he and SIL lost their jobs out of nowhere within the same month (EB’s entire crew was laid off with zero warning and SIL’s work burned down) and they couldn’t afford the home they were renting anymore. So OB was pretty much SOL. So our parents, aunt, and uncle all started calling me asking if I’d take him in just long enough so he could get on his feet again.

I (stupidly) let myself feel bad for him and said okay, but he only had a few months to get another job or he was out on the street. They all said of course, of course and so he came to stay with me. And it was a nightmare. He’s a slob. He NEVER washes dishes, never washes his clothes, and eats pretty much whatever he wants. I guess since I’m his little sister he figured he could ignore me saying to get his sh%t together. Well after 6 months I told him he had to go. And gave him a couple weeks to find somewhere else.

Well it seems he called our parents and cried about me kicking him out and they told him he knew he couldn’t stay forever but they also ofc called my aunts/uncle and told them all about it. And my busybody aunt called me and scolded me for “being cruel to my brother” and “abandoning family when they need help”. I let her talk and finally said she was right, helping family was important and I’m glad she showed me that. She seemed glad I “understood the right thing to do” before hanging up. So I followed her advice and packed my bro up and drove him to her house. I couldn’t take care of him anymore (he was running all my bills up) but my aunt made a good point, family should help each other.

So I dropped him off there (she has room since all her kids moved out) and then left. But I wasn’t even halfway home before I was getting multiple calls from my parents and aunt. Parents were demanding to know why our aunt was blowing up their phones and aunt was leaving voicemails shouting at me to come back and get my brother. I explained to my parents and they said it was a good idea since aunt sounded like she wanted to help but my aunt called me a Jerk and said she didn’t want my brother there. And when I told her family helps each other she called me a C*&^. Last I checked he’s still living with her. Did I go too far here? So, I’m in the middle of a shitstorm and need some advice on if I’m wrong.

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