Woman Is Sick And Tired Of Her Boss Blaming Her For The Hair In Customers’ Food, Dyes Her Hair Blue.

It may be stressful to be trapped in a toxic work environment with a supervisor or management that just does not like you for whatever reason. Worse, picture becoming a scapegoat and bearing the brunt of the blame whenever someone makes a mistake. In this story a former sandwich shop employee was tired of her supervisor blaming her for hair in her customers’ sandwiches, so she took “petty retribution” to establish her innocence. Read the whole story and share your views on this.

Source: Reddit

I used to work for a sandwich shop. All the other employees there were Indian women with very long black hair. Mine was sort of similar I suppose? Medium length and brown.

But every time a customer would complain about long black hair in the food, my boss would immediately blame me without any hesitation or investigation, despite the fact that I was the only person who wore my hair up and netted. So one day I dyed my hair blue with the sole purpose of not being blamed for black hair being in the food. You guessed it, it happened. And how huffy and annoyed my boss got when I said it couldn’t be my hair because mine is blue, was beyond amusing.

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