Woman Is Sick Of Having To Watch Her Cousins’ Children At Thanksgiving Gatherings, Decides To Spend It At Her Boyfriend’s.

Parents usually profess they adore kids and even criticise other people who choose not to have them, but they will take every chance to make them someone else’s issue. Furthermore, if someone refuses to take care of them, they will guilt trip that person by claiming that parents, too, need a break. 22-year-old this woman in the story is weary of being the family’s babysitter, yet her mother is opposed to her spending Thanksgiving with her boyfriend. Share your thoughts on this.

Source: Reddit

I’m the youngest cousin 22F in the family by a lot (I was a surprise/mistake) All of my older cousins have kids.

Every Thanksgiving we go to my aunt’s house. My cousins put their kids in the playroom and start drinking and I get stuck watching the kids all day. Anytime one cries or has to go for the bathroom or any of them fight I get stuck dealing with it. They also make me sit at the kids table.

I complain to my mom every year and she just tells me it’s not like that and is it a big deal to give the parents the day off. I don’t look forward to Thanksgiving anymore because it happens every year.

My boyfriend invited me to his family Thanksgiving this year and I decided to go. I told my mom and she is flipping out telling me it will break her heart to not have me there for thanksgiving and everyone will miss me. I just want to enjoy Thanksgiving this year. Am I Overreacting?

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