Woman Jumps Into Action When Received A Distressed Voice Mail From A Stranger.

27-year-old Ashley Yasick, of Delray Beach, Florida, was checking messages on her answering machine one day when she came across one from a very distressed man.

It was from 84-year-old Thomas Buck of Pennsylvania. He was trying to reach his sister-in-law because he had fallen several times and was still dizzy and short of breath. Ashley did not know the man but she didn’t waste any time. She called the number back but Thomas could not speak well, only to say that he was in the back room of his house.

When Ashley got off the phone she immediately Googled his number, and discovered that he was from Norwood, Pennsylvania. So she called police in Norwood. When police responded to the address connected with the man’s number, they found Thomas having severe difficulty breathing and he was taken to the hospital, where he spent several days there in the intensive care unit.

Doctors and police agreed that, if not for Ashley doing what she did, Thomas could very easily have died. 

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