Woman Laughs In Husband’s Face When He Regrets Forcing To Sign Her A Prenup 6 Years Ago After He Finds Out She Now Makes 3x More Than Him.

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So I F(32) and my spouse M(34) have been married for 6 years. He made me sign a prenuptial agreement before we married, indicating that our finances would always be separate and that the only thing we would share was an expense account to pay for household-related expenditures.

This was since he was making decent money and I was in graduate school, so my financial position was dire, but I signed anyway since I realized he needed to protect himself. Anyway, I’ve been out of school for nearly 4 years and make more than three times as much as he does. (I never asked him how much he makes, and he never asked me.)

Anyway, around two weeks ago, I informed him that I was thinking about getting a new car because the one I had was rather old, having been with me since my university days. He wasn’t very interested and simply instructed me to grab anything I wanted. So, about a week ago, I decided to take the plunge and buy an Audi. I was quite happy since I had always wanted one (At the time, my husband was away on business; he returned yesterday) and I showed him my car. He was overjoyed for me, but subsequently inquired what my monthly payments were because the Audi was so new. At this point, I informed him that I had paid cash for the transaction and that I had no monthly obligations.

He was surprised and inquired how much money I had, to which I replied that I had more than enough. He didn’t say anything after that, and I assumed that was the end of it. But after a few hours, he came back to me and said he thinks we should nullify the prenup. I laughed in his face and questioned why I would agree to it, to which he said that we were married and should share our finances.

So I informed him that we’d been married for six years and had never shared finances, and that I was OK with what we were doing, and that his sudden change of heart was suspect. He called me a bunch of things, stormed out, and didn’t return home. I’m guessing he informed his family about our dispute, and they phoned to belittle me and say he supported me when I was at school (he didn’t).

I knew his pay when we first met, but he’s since been promoted, and when I used to ask, he’d make comments about how disrespectful it was of me to inquire, so I stopped. He’s never been very interested in my profession or job, and we never bring our work home. I make three times what he does (based on what I understood his income was) since I work as a CRNA and he works as a software developer.

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