Woman Leaves In-Laws Christmas Dinner When Noticed Nothing Was Cooked For Her.

The holiday season may be full of brightness, beauty, and warmth, and it should be spent with those you care about. If it’s one’s first Christmas with his/her fiance’s family one hopes for the best. But what if you are a picky eater and you have dinner plans with the future-in-laws. Read the story to know what happened between this woman and her future mother-in-law and how would you deal with this situation?

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I got invited to my fiance’s family Christmas celebratory dinner. It’s my first Christmas with them. I have always been picky about what I eat. Can’t help it and it has to do with psychological factors, childhood, and personal likes and dislikes. Before accepting their invite I let FMIL know that I wouldn’t be eating the traditional food at their celebration, and showed her a variety of dishes to choose from to accommodate me.

She refused and told me to bring my own dish. I said if I had to bring my own dish when I’m a guest then I better stay at home then. We went back and forth and I insisted I wouldn’t come if accommodations weren’t being made. I just thought it was a simple request and FMIL would have agreed if she really wanted me there. My fiance agreed that I should bring my own dish but I didn’t.

When we arrived there and I saw that no accommodations were made I got up, got my things and walked out and went home. My FMIL and fiance were shocked. I got tons of calls and texts from them both and my fiance came home lashing out calling me selfish and spoiled to walk out like that over a dish that his mom didn’t have to make for me. and that it was my responsibility to feed myself. How is it my responsibility to feed myself when I’m a guest? Makes no sense to me. I told him this and he accused me of starting sh*t and ruining my first christmas with his family and disrespecting his mom.

Now he’s continually saying I fu**ed up and should’ve sucked it up for the family’s sake.

ETA to clear few points:

  • For those saying I have no respect for my inlaws. I do, especially FMIL. I respect her but this is so far the biggest conflict we had.
  • I work long hours even on holidays so not much time to cook.
  • I wasn’t asking for an elaborate dish or several dishes. Just one simple option.

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