Woman left on life support after ‘excited’ dog crashes into her while playing.

A dog owner claims that her joyful puppy accidentally headbutted her while performing ‘zoomies.’

Erin Stevenson was out in the garden with her Staffordshire bull terrier Skyy when she hurtled at her and accidentally headbutted her in the chin.

The next day, her neck began to hurt, yet she figured it was a sore throat and intended to see a doctor.

When the speech therapist awoke at 3 a.m. on the third day with a swollen neck and difficulty swallowing, she went to the hospital, expecting to be given antibiotics and sent home.

A CT scan indicated that the collision had shattered two of Erin’s molars, and she’d acquired an infection that was causing significant swelling and doctors were concerned that her airways may collapse.

Erin was placed on life support with a breathing tube for a week as doctors emptied the infection from her neck, while five-year-old Skyy was cared for at home, ignorant of the damage she’d created.

Erin says the ‘horror’ continues four months later because she is still unable to completely open her jaw.

“Skyy’s done plenty in her day, but nothing quite like this,” Erin, from Chicago, Illinois, US, stated. She’s a nuisance who keeps them all on their toes. She enjoys being among individuals.  She simply does not know how to contain her happiness. She sprints and hops, getting herself into all sorts of mischief. Erin wouldn’t alter anything about her.  She was going around the yard performing zoomies back and forth. She didn’t think anything of it as she approached her, so Erin leant forward, and she sprang and headbutted her right under the jaw.

It ached, but Erin didn’t think much of it because she assumed it was simply from the collision. Her throat began to ache two days later. She  mistook it for strep throat. She was planning to see a doctor, but she couldn’t swallow when she woke up at about 3 a.m.

Shewoke up her husband and told him she was heading to the ER to receive medication for strep throat.

One side of her face was swollen significantly. She underwent a CT scan, as well as antibiotics and steroids. They had no idea what it was. They assumed it was a haematoma or a fractured jaw.

They were concerned that if the swelling did not subside, her airways might shut. She was sedated and a breathing tube was implanted to help her breathe.

Before being carried away to intensive care, Erin texted her husband, Scott, 46, to tell him she loved him.

Erin stated that she texted her husband that he should get down to the hospital because she might not be awake when he arrived. She  urged him to tell her family how much she adores them. It was far worse for him than it was for her. She  was placed on life support after being incubated. Skyy had shattered two of her teeth without her knowledge, and she had gotten an abscess, which had created the swelling.

Doctors extracted two of her teeth and inserted a drain in her neck to remove the infection. They kept her on life support to ensure that there were no secondary infections, but she did develop a second one, which was emptied and tackled the issue.

Skyy had no idea what she’d gotten herself into, but her husband said she was aware of what was going on.

Her one remaining issue is that she can now only open her lips to a certain extent, which is a bit of a nightmare.

Erin claims that this isn’t the first time her dogs have created difficulty. Skyy, for example, once chewed through the wall and ended up spending the day with the neighbors until Erin returned home from work.

Erin explained that she once got a phone call from a neighbor saying ”don’t worry because they had Skyy,” which really perplexed her because when she left her, she was in a box.

When she arrived home, they told her she’d gotten out of the kennel and chewed through the wall. Erin’s spouse expressed amazement that they did not murder her.

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