Woman ‘lit her home on fire’ before watching it burn in lawn chair

Authorities claim a video of a lady relaxing in a lawn chair with a great book is more than meets the eye, as she had just destroyed her own home and sat in the front yard to watch it burn.

The horrifying video, which was seen by a passerby, begins with a lady arguing on her entryway patio in Elkton, Maryland.

A man splashed water on her, and then another resident got into a confrontation with her. Before you know it, the house where they all reside is on fire, and the alleged arsonist is sitting outside. 

The man who took the footage, Avery Hammond, expressed that he couldn’t imagine she was just sitting there, like it wasn’t happening.

Wild video from Maryland arson

VIDEO: A Maryland woman set fire to her home with a person inside, then set up a lawn chair outside to watch – and the whole thing was caught on camera by a man in the neighborhood. MORE DETAILS:

Posted by FOX 13 Seattle on Wednesday, May 5, 2021

The house was swiftly destroyed by fire, and a passerby raced to assist a person who was climbing out a window. Firefighters got to the area before the entire roof collapsed. Senior Deputy State Fire Marshal Oliver Alkire stated that she basically walked out there, sat in the chair, yelled a few curses, and watched the fire grow throughout the home. Gail Metwally, 47, was arrested and accused with endeavored murder and several arson-related crimes. She is said to be suffering from mental health concerns. 

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