Woman Looks Out Window After Hiring Plumber, Captured Footage Goes Viral.

Just how far would you go to get a job done at home? For Jimmie Cox, a utility worker just outside of Fort Worth, Texas, going pretty far is pretty much what he does. When a home’s water pipe broke over the summer, Jimmie came out to see if he could fix the problem.

After looking at all of his options, he dove in – literally. The woman at the home was shocked to come upon Jimmie with his complete upper torso submerged in the mucky water.


It was no big deal to Jimmie to get at the heart of the situation like that, but the woman was so impressed with his dedication to his job, that she snapped a picture of him working submerged to fix the water pipe.

When she posted the picture online, it gained a lot of notoriety. It even caught the attention of “Dirty Jobs” TV guy Mike Rowe, who called Jimmie directly and wanted to make sure it was a broken water pipe, and not a sewage line. Even a representative from Wrangler reached out to Jimmie, who was wearing Wrangler jeans in the photo.

They sent him a year’s supply of jeans so he could deal with other dirty tasks in his job. Seems you can’t keep a good man from doing what needs to be done.

It seems like it pays to go above and beyond the call of duty. Take a look at this shocking photo and the praise Jimmie is receiving in the video below.

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