Woman Makes Rapist Regret Forcing Himself Inside Home, Bites Off Piece Of Him.

A guy got what he earned in North Charleston, South Carolina. After a juvenile teenager attempted to sexually molest a female victim, the woman battled him off after he pushed his way into her home with malicious intent. When the man attempted to shove his tongue down the South Carolina woman’s throat, she chomped down and cut through the sexual predator’s tongue.

The lady, 33, informed cops that the guy had broken into her home. She reported the incident to the police soon after it happened. She recalled the man repeatedly knocking on her door. When she heard the knocking, she opened the door to check who was there but saw no one. That surprised her since she had been hearing the knock on her door. However, nobody was present.

The lustful youngster was standing there on the last knock, armed with a knife with a white handle. He looked angry, and he pushed his chest forward so she couldn’t shut the door on him.

She attempted, but cried “No!” while he stood in the doorframe wielding the knife and ready to draw blood.

He made his way inside the house after breaking through the door and threatening the woman with the blade. He then smacked her many times and told her to stop fighting or he’ll harm her. 

The guy then forced the woman into her bedroom with his knife. He tried to take off her bottoms, but she kicked him in the crotch, temporarily paralyzing him. “Now you have to die!” he cried at that time.

He then pressed his tongue against her mouth. But the lady was not finished battling. She bravely “bit his tongue as hard as she could until she heard it crack” with the knife in her hand.

The man yanked away, groaning in agony. His tongue remained in the woman’s mouth. She dashed downstairs and hurled the chewed-off muscle into the kitchen floor. She then rushed to her car in an attempt to flee him. She drove to a nearby shop and contacted the cops. Her phone and tablet were left at home since she needed to get away from the criminal as soon as possible.

The would-be rapist fled the residence and rushed to a nearby Waffle House on Northwoods Boulevard. The boy’s mom had phoned 911 to report that her youngster “lacked a tongue and required medical care.”

The would-be rapist was treated at Trident Hospital. The man’s tongue was collected and placed on ice from the gory murder scene. It is uncertain whether physicians were effective in reattaching his tongue.

Police also discovered a knife that matched the woman’s description. After all, he seemed to have done what she stated.

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