Woman ‘marries’ ragdoll her mum made for her – and ‘starts family’ with him

In Brazil, a woman met a man who was met for her.

Meirivone Rocha Moraes, 37, expressed her dissatisfaction with being unmarried and concerned about not having a dancing partner to her mom. The mom fashioned her daughter a rag doll named Marcelo in an effort to comfort her up.

Moraes expressed that she fell in love with Marcelo when her mother made him and initially presented her to him. It was love at first sight.

It was because she lacked a forró dancer. She would go to these dances but was never able to locate a companion. Then he came into her life, and everything made sense.

Moraes and Marcelo are said to have been in a love relationship since they met. She expressed that he is the kind of man she always desired in her life.

Moraes found she was “pregnant” after being together for several months.

She alleged that Marcelo did get her pregnant. He didn’t look after himself and didn’t wear a condom. He made her pregnant. She took the test, and it came out positive. It was unbelievable.

The pair chose to make things official and “married” in order to avoid having a “kid” out of wedlock.

Moraes added that the wedding was a lovely, meaningful, and emotional day for her. It poured heavily, but it was beautiful. It was really lovely from the minute she went down the aisle until the end. Then she went to the wedding night with her husband Marcelo, and they had a great time.

The pair married in front of 250 people and then slipped away to a beach property in Rio de Janeiro for a week-long honeymoon.

On May 21, the couple welcomed their doll-child Marcelinho during their honeymoon. She “gave birth” in under 35 minutes at home, with a doctor and nurse on hand, while livestreaming it to an audience of 200 individuals.

She stated that she didn’t feel any discomfort from the contractions. Seeing the placenta, umbilical cord, and blood brought it all true. He arrived in 35 minutes and it was fantastic.

Considering the hardship of being the sole income in the family, Moraes stated she and her family are really happy together.

She explained that he has so many wonderful traits, but his one flaw is that he is a slacker. He doesn’t do any job. But she is a warrior, and she keeps it going for them.

Moraes works hard to care for her family and despises it when others say her family is made up.

It truly irritates her when individuals think this is a hoax. It irritates her greatly. She is a strong-willed lady. Her mom and dad raised her to be truthful, to be a nice person, and to never reap the benefits of anyone.

Moraes claimed she is happily in love with her new family, regardless of the hatred or criticism she has received.

She explained that married life is lovely with him. He doesn’t quarrel with her, he just knows her. Marcelo is a wonderful and devoted spouse. He is such a guy, and all ladies lust for him.

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