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Woman paints her dog’s fur red to keep him from being stolen.

Many dog owners are concerned about their cherished dogs being stolen. Dognapping may be a severe problem for some rare and costly dog breeds.

However, one woman’s technique for protecting her dog from thieves has sparked a lot of discussion and debate online, with some applauding the concept and others doubting the owner’s motivations.

Chloe is the owner of Dandy, a 2-year-old Great Pyreneese dog with a highly distinctive appearance: he has brilliant red fur, owing to pet dye put by his owner.

Her choice to color Dandy red elicited varied reactions on TikTok. Many comments read “poor dog,” with many asking if the coloration is safe, while others are drawn to the canine’s unusual appearance, relating him to the figure Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Chloe has informed viewers that she only uses vegan, pet-safe dye (apparently Opawz products) and has detailed her reasons for the dog’s drastic transformation in subsequent episodes.

@danthebigreddog Damn, Dandy. You’re red!❤️ #clifford #cliffordthebigreddog #bigred #dogsofttiktok #dogmom #dandelion #nostalgia #childrensbooks #funnydog #pawsome ♬ Tasty Carrots by Shou – goalsounds

She stated that one of the reasons was to prevent him from being taken, as the Great Pyrenees pup is a unique breed in her region.

Dan seemed to appreciate his new color, according to Chloe, because he loves people and kids, and the red dye supposedly makes the dog more accessible.

She also stated that she wants to teach people on safe pet coloring procedures, and she shows her fans how to colour their own dogs in subsequent videos.

@danthebigreddog Reply to @cschubach979 this is for you and anyone else asking why? Because we can! That’s why. 🙂 #cliffordthebigreddog #LevisMusicProject #fyp #cute ♬ Island In The Sun – Weezer

Dandy’s TikTok videos, which have received 10 million likes and over 318,000 followers, have sparked further discussion.

Detractors have questioned Chloe’s motives, claiming that the color was doubtful to deter would-be dognappers and was just meant to gain publicity online.

However, advocates have highlighted out that Dandy appears to be a joyful and well-cared-for dog who is unaware of his color, and that the owner has the freedom to dye her dog for any purpose she sees fit as long as it is safe and humane.

Despite its popularity, Dandy’s TikTok has remained offline since February. Dandy’s most recent Instagram image is dated July, and it shows him back to his natural fur color, with the dye faded.

Dandy’s present colour is unknown, as Chloe stated that he requires a touch up and that he will be “red soon.”

A significant number of responses, however, advised her not to re-dye the dog, preferring Dandy in his “natural hues.”

What do you think about Dandy being dyed bright red? Is it a pleasant method to protect the dog from kidnappers, or is it unneeded and inhumane treatment?

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