Woman Praised For Snatching Son’s Gift From Her Nephew Hands.

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So this Christmas me (26f) and my Gf(25) decided to go half on a Nintendo switch Oled for my 5yr old son which came out to a little over $400 with the warranty. (I was supposed to get it for his birthday in September but I couldn’t afford it at the time) my son was really happy he got his gift.

This past Monday, my sister and 8yr old nephew came over to spend a few hours with me, my son and my daughter, all was well until after they left we couldn’t find the Nintendo, we searched under the couches, behind every tv, and opened every cabinet/drawer. Even under the fridge. I didn’t think my nephew took it, the thought didn’t even cross my mind. I didn’t try to get a new one with the warranty because the warranty doesn’t cover loss/theft. I just figured it would pop up in the house eventually when we weren’t looking for it. Earlier today I went to my sister’s house to drop off some leftover food I made from yesterday’s dinner and I noticed as soon as I walked through the door my nephew jumped off the couch and darted in his room and closed the door. Again I didn’t think anything of it, but I did decide to sit and talk to my sister for a bit.

My nephew came out of his room to use the restroom but left his room door open, (now they live in a small apartment so you can see his bed from where I was sitting on the couch) And low and behold I see a Nintendo Switch sitting on my nephews floor in front of his bed (the blue and red controllers gave it away) you can’t miss it. I get off the couch to go pick it up and when I turned it on my log in account was on it, so I knew it was my son’s (he’s 5 yrs old so he uses his account under my name with parental control of course) I ask my sister why my son’s nintendo was here and she acted as confused as I was, my nephew came out of the bathroom and he yelled “no!! Give it back” and snatched it out of my hands… this is where I may be the AH, I snatched it back from and told it wasn’t his and you can’t steal from people and he just started screaming and falling out kicking. When I snatched it back my sister was PISSED she started cursing me out and telling me not to snatch anything from her son’s hands. I argued that it was my son’s Nintendo and She knew I was looking for it, my son never took it out of the house so there’s no way it ended up at my sister’s home across town on its own.

This woman had the audacity to TRY (she didn’t but she tried) to snatch it back from me. It turned into a screaming match and I just walked out because it wasn’t going anywhere but physical if I didn’t. It’s crazy because when I asked her why my son’s Nintendo was there when I first found it she was as confused as me, so for her to switch up that fast because I snatched it back from my nephew is beyond me. I would understand if I snatched it too hard and he fell but he didn’t fall from the snatch. He purposely fell from his tantrum. Yes he is 8 yrs old and still throws huge temper tantrums. Am I Wrong?

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