Woman Reaches Nigeria To Meet The Man Who Scammed Her.

Maria Grete was a 62-year-old divorced Swede who fell in love with a 58-year-old Danish man on a dating website. But that 58-year-old man was actually a 24-year-old Nigerian man who led her along. They corresponded for awhile and he really drew her in.

Then, one day, he told her that he and his son had made a quick trip to Nigeria for a job interview and they had been mugged, and his son was shot in the head, and now he had no money.

The “hospital” he said, would need a thousand Euros to start treatment on his son. Maria quickly rushed to the nearest Western Union and wired him the money. Soon after, there were medical complications and more money was needed. Finally, after Maria had sent him A LOT of money, she came to her senses and stopped responding to him.

Three weeks later, he actually called her to confess his real name and age, and that he was, indeed, a 419 scammer. Johnny told her he finished college two years ago but could get another job. He also admitted that he actually DID have feelings for Maria.

After more communications without Johnny asking for money, Maria wanted to meet him. So she flew to Africa and met him at the airport. And, though no romance developed, they became quick friends.

He promised he would give up scamming and she assisted many would-be scammers to go in other directions, such as art, and she has assisted them in getting international grants for their work.

Says Maria: “He has asked me so many times to forgive him and I told him that the most important thing is to forgive himself.” 

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