Woman Ruins Christmas Eve For Ex Husband And Fiance.

Source: Reddit

My ex’s family were complaining that they wouldn’t see our son on Christmas because I was going to spend it with my family. Since they live fairly close to my parents, I decided to drop by on Christmas Eve so they could see my son. I didn’t check in advance to see if my ex and his fiancée would be there, but unfortunately, they were.

My ex’s fiancée asked me why I was there and asked me to leave. I tried to explain I was only there so my ex’s family could see my son but she was yelling at me that I ruined everything and I was doing this on purpose. She left because I wouldn’t.

The short story of why his fiancée hates me is because our son was conceived while they were already in a relationship which I wasn’t aware of. So Am I A Jerk? 

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