Woman Runs Over Boyfriend With Car After Learning He’s HIV Positive.

Appalling videotape appears to show a woman running over her boyfriend after she got to know that he was HIV positive. The instance was seized on a neighbor’s security camera, showing the man riding a bicycle in Arizona before a Ford Mustang runs into him.

The red car is then seen driving off before two passers-by appear at the sight as they try to help the man. He gets up on his own and attempts to march but falls over a block wall and into a yard.

The accused, Misty Lee Wilke, 43 years old from Phoenix has since been imprisoned following the trial, which the man lived but was left suffering a broken vertebra and a head injury.  

Court records directed that the sequence of actions leading to the incident began after Wilke and her boyfriend got into an fight he told her he was HIV positive.

Wilke spoke to police that previous to the supposed hit-and-run, her boyfriend was giggling after breaking the news to her and confronted her with a pocket knife, cutting her arm.

Police later answered to a report of a man crash into a vehicle at a park near 13th Street and Hatcher Road. Authorities said the victim’s hair and blood along with paint from his bike was found on Wilke’s Mustang.

About 30 minutes after the event, Wilke’s allegedly called police unfolding what transpired. She told police that she had pushed her boyfriend after he pulled a knife on her. Police noted they found a small cut on her arm.

She stated that she then got into her car and speeded up, leaping a curb and continuing through the park without looking. Wilke supposedly said that she was conscious that she hit somebody but did not know how her boyfriend ended up in front of her car. 

She has since been detained and charged with two counts of serious attack. 

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