Woman Shamed For Buying $4k Christmas Gift For Her Cousin’s Daughter.

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I happened to marry into a family with an insane amount of money. More than they know what to do with, quite honestly. I spent approx. $15k per child for my three children for Christmas, which I am immensely grateful to be able to spend on them. I also donated the same amount to a charity of each child’s choice, as well.

My mom’s side has a rule that we only get each other Christmas gifts if we will be seeing each other that year on Christmas day. (For cousins with children, we get the kids gifts rather than their parents.) My mother hosted this year and about ten of my cousins and their children were coming. I bought each of my cousin’s children something unique, not really thinking about the price, but more what I think they would like.

My cousin (35M) has a fourteen year old daughter. She is the result of a one night stand, so most of us in the family have only met her mother a handful of times and for only a few minutes. My daughter is also fourteen and two parts of her Christmas day gifts were a Cartier Love Ring and a YSL purse. I bought the same for my cousin’s daughter, as they are very close and I thought she’d really like it.

My cousin’s daughter excitedly facetimed her mother to show her the gifts that I bought her and upon ending the facetime, called my cousin very upset. She said that I spent more on her daughter for Christmas than she had and was livid with me.

I genuinely didn’t think about the cost of the gifts, just more what I think a fourteen year old girl would really like, especially considering I have a fourteen year old daughter myself and know what they like.

My cousin’s daughter’s mother is really upset with me because she feels I made her look bad to her daughter, but I only ever intended on getting her daughter gifts I thought she’d like. Am i A jerk?

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