Woman shoots dead intruder in her home after finding him hovering over her bed

When a lady in Florida awakened to discover a stranger lurking over her bed, she shot him dead.

The homeowner discovered a neighbour, 26-year-old Justin Wright, had broken into her home on Tuesday morning in Clearwater.

Wright, according to the lady, began hitting her and a fight followed, during which time she was able to contact 911 for police assistance.

During the incident, the lady was also able to reach for and shoot Wright with a lawfully owned shotgun.

The episode is currently being investigated by Clearwater police, who feel it was a straightforward example of self.

Clearwater Police Chief Dan Slaughter appeared at a press conference on Wednesday to describe how the lady had recently moved into her house, although it is unknown how well the pair knew each other.

According to Slaughter, the victim exhibited wounds associated with a battle.

Wright had no criminal record, and the reason for his invading the woman’s house and how he did so remain unknown.

Police are seeking to figure out what type of connection the duo had and what their interactions were like in the days preceding up to the break-in.

The duo may have had an altercation before the shooting, according to police.

Chief Slaughter was questioned how the woman had recovered from the tragedy. He added that she’s furious because decent folk don’t want to have to do this type of stuff to defend themselves.

Mary Daddario, another neighbour, expressed that she sympathised with the woman who had to fire the trigger.

Daddario added that it’s frightening, and she has talked to the rest of her neighbours, and they’re now uneasy simply knowing that someone would come into your house like that.

She continued that’s something you can’t get over since it’s a trauma.  It’s an invasion, and you’ll never feel safe again, and Daddario is sure she’ll suffer through some type of mental trauma as a result of what occurred. That will play over and over in her head.