Woman Texted Her Mother She Can’t No Longer Meet Her Grandchildren.

A mother knows what’s good and bad for her child. At times taking help of your loved ones is fine but what if the ones whom you trust and give your kids create a negative impact on the child’s thinking. Read the story and let us know how you would handle the situation.

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My mother (F46) & I (F24) have never had the best relationship but, it’s never been bad per say. For about a month now, everytime my daughters (F5,F3,F1y8mo) come home from her house, my oldest has asked some weird questions.

Here are some of the things my 5 year old said to me, 1. “mama, do you think I look like a boy?” 2. “mama, do you love sisters names more than me?” 3. “mama, do you hate nana?” When I asked why she asked, these were her answers, 1. “nana said blue is for boys.” 2. “you spend the most time with them.” & 3. “because you never let youngest sister go with us.”(she’s not even 3 months old yet) Another thing she said one day was, “mama, i want to stay with you.” When I reassured her that she was staying with me & asked her what she meant she said that, “nana said she was going to be our new mommy”

When I confronted her about these things & the “new mommy” thing, she said that my daughter must’ve misunderstood something & claimed she was telling them she was going to be a new mommy (was gonna get a puppy) & my daughter must’ve thought she was saying that she was going to be their new mommy. I asked her to watch what she says around my kids & reminded her that little ears are always listening.

I pick them up today & my daughter said, “mama, do you think we’re fat?” I asked her why she asked me that, “nana said you must try to get us to lose weight”. I called my mom & asked her wtf that meant, “them girls are always hungry when they come over to my house. you don’t feed them enough.” no dumbass, they have no limitations & a lot more options at your house, that’s why they like it.

Then, I was fixing lunch & she asked me if “they take away kids like her.” I asked her what she meant, she elaborated with “kids that go to the church” which means, poor kids. I told her that the church is there to help people & nobody will ever take her away from me. She told me that my mom was telling her that “she was going to HAVE to take care of them when they got taken away” I asked her if nana said WHY they’d get taken away. She said, “nana said they take girls from mommies that need help to take care of them.”

I texted my mom & told her because of all of these things, she’s no longer allowed around my girls & I want no contact with her either. She called me a few times & when I didn’t answer, sent me 9 messages telling me that I was taking it the wrong way, my daughter is blowing it out of proportion & begging me “not to do this to her.” She left me 3 voicemails crying about how I “took her babies from her.” & she “doesn’t deserve this.” My aunt & younger siblings are consequently angry with me regarding my decision & have definitely made their feelings known (lots of nasty messages).

I have been documenting all of this information in case I need it in the future. Did I go too far here? 

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